Innovative LandscapING for the Wichita Metro Area


transforming waterways through eco-type landscape projects.

Erosion, Runoff and Pollution Solutions

Is your pond a muddy mess?

Stormwater areas are troubled with pollution from runoff and soil wash-out
We expect great results from our stormwater ponds. How do we achieve sustainable pond performance?

Purify your waterways with Prairie Pondscapes. We plant ornamental native grasses and flowers in formal, functional layouts. With roots holding your soil in place and absorbing pollution, Prairie Pondscapes bring harmony and value to your neglected neighborhood wetland reserves.

Did you know?

The Monarch Butterfly population has been in decline since the 1980’s

Together We Help
Diversity of Design

More than Erosion Control

Prairie Pondscapes tackle tough problems. For example, these ecotype-gardens typically combine rain garden, buffer strip and bioswale elements. Some designs may involve riprap, geotextiles or other green technologies. But the key is selecting ideal plants for your soil-type: a harmonious landscape that gives back more than it takes.

Clean Water

We filter the wetlands with ornamental native grasses and flowers. Their roots adapt quickly to control erosion.

Tidy Designs

Prairie Pondscapes lean on the principles of Dutch garden design: layered views, paths, geometric plots and hazy swaths of ornamental grasses.

Year-round Beauty

Successive planting means blossoms from Spring thru Autumn. Our flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds and finches all year.

Low Maintenance

Our technique & designs reduce trimming, herbicides, fertilizer, pollution, runoff, and mulch (which can wash into waterways).

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Inspired by
the Flint Hills

Our designs invoke the Spirit of the tallgrass prairie & other Kansas open spaces.

Severe Erosion Control
Butterfly Basin

When their riprap prematurely deteriorated, we installed a meadow to filter the water.

East Wichita
Hummingbird Haze

We collected seed from remnant tallgrasses on-site to reconstruct a prairie for erosion control.


No Prairie Pondscape is the same. Each project has a different use-case.

Prairie Pondscapes are proven to work. These principles work so well… in fact, they are tax-exempt in Kansas.

Red-winged Blackbird in Nature
Severe Erosion Control
Songbird Splash

Northwest Wichita- A geotextile project inlaid with switchgrasses and wildflowers.

Muddy Pond Makeover
Prairie Fen

This tidy design accommodates drought-prone ponds, sunny spaces and clay soil types.

Hummingbird in Meadow
Herman Hill Park
Riparian Rill

Our cascading creek facilitates effluent from a water treatment facility, plus frisbee golf and a nature trail.

Monarch butterfly resting on milkweed.
Home On The Range
Monarch Meadow

Pure grasslands. This is low-maintenance landscaping for dry basins, slopes and open spaces with walking paths.


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