How Prairie Pondscapes were born

Our Story

Founder Gerard Wellemeyer was raised in Western Kansas in the 1980’s

His childhood was filled with family gardens and “bug zoos” with butterflies.

Gerard Wellemeyer

Founder of Prairie Pondscapes
Integrated Aquatic Management LLC

Providing sanctuary for native beauty in neighborhood ponds.

Since that time, the Monarch Butterfly population has been in decline.

Due to loss of habitat and overuse of pesticides, Monarchs are now endangered.

How can we help?

Gerard felt compelled to empower others in conserving nature

He combined his natural science skills to create an integrated solution set for troubled pond owners in the Wichita area.

This means reduced maintenance costs, less pesticide and algaecide use, and a decrease in water & soil pollution.

Monarch Butterflies are the indicator species of a healthy neighborhood pond

Monarch caterpillars and their host plants are sensitive to chemicals.

Monarch Butterfly Perching on Red Flower

Our awareness can save the Monarch from extinction.

Join Us in Saving Monarchs